Welcome to Transition Town Eugene.

From oil dependency to local resilience.

This site is the manifestation of the attempted beginning of a Transition Town Initiative in Eugene, Oregon. 

The Transition Town movement is sometimes thought of as the most thorough program so far for taking us from the present chaos of cities and towns that are killing the planet and the people in them, to viable new ecologically sustainable urban and rural systems.  This is more than a theoretical how-to plan; it is based upon the ground-breaking Transition Town work that has engaged whole communities in a transformative process that accepts the crucial need to reverse course, and has succeeded in doing so.  The Transition Town movement is a great guide for how we must live in a future world where the limits of nature are honored, but so are the basic comforts and joys of communities coming together in a great common cause.  There is no more important work than this for any community seeking change toward ecological sustainability.

Although our fledgling Transition organization didn’t manage to manifest the resilience and sustainability that we sought to work toward in our community, Eugene IS a town in transition, and there are many individuals and organizations working toward ecologically sustainable society. Transition Eugene no longer exists as an organization, but here on this site, we hope to help you join others working on issues that you are passionate about.

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